CARM, calm and warm sun

Last week saw me back in Suffolk at Quiet Waters for another textile art and prayer retreat under the auspices of the Creative Arts Retreat Movement. This time, our theme, chosen by the thoughtful and generous-spirited Michael Campling was ‘Heaven and Angels’.

I spent much of the drive across to Suffolk trying to work out what an angel looked like, and decided it could be anything from an abstract pillar of light, such as that in H. O. Tanner’s 1898 painting of the Annunciation, to fluffy clouds, a winged beauty from the Italian Renaissance to those depicted on Christmas cards – or even an ordinary human being.

The people gathered for the retreat embraced all of these forms, and made their own unique and personal interpretations of heaven and angels. It was a joy to see each piece evolving, changing shape, form, substance and colour throughout the week, and the interweaving of connections and community between the group, which always spins the blessing of a retreat out in time and space, so we never really quite disperse.

It was, once more, a truly inspired week, under Michael’s gentle spiritual guidance and with the wonderful care lavished on us by the house team.

You can find out more about CARM at:

and Quiet Waters at:

2 thoughts on “CARM, calm and warm sun

  1. Gillian Wantling

    Hi Romola’ Heard via NZ that you are home after your op.-good to hear that. How is it in your shell? Or are you emerging from it!? How is the harp playing developing as you recuperate?
    Unfortunately the Purple Parlor angel hasn’t progressed any further. Since returning home I’ve been catching up on necessary jobs. With the vast improvemet in the weather my focus has shifted to outdoor jobs. But she/he is calling to me!
    Take care. Continuing to pray for a good recovery.
    Bless you


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