Most of my art work is created using traditional hand embroidery techniques, in particular Jacobean Crewelwork, Elizabethan Goldwork, canvas work and Chinese silk shading. The traditional stitches are adapted to create textured effects and techniques mixed to enhance depth and contrast.

I have held exhibitions of a cycle of fourteen embroideries which follow a theme of brokenness and restoration at Cumberland Lodge, Windsor Great Park, Launde Abbey and Holy Rood House, Thirsk and Regent’s Park College, Oxford.

I have brought out a book, Crying in the Silicon Wilderness which includes high quality reproductions of the images, mediations and poems to accompany each, and introductory sections on the concept of the ‘icons’ and the embroidery process. (See here

A piece entitled “Taliesin’s Harp”, which is a visual representation of part of the legend of the birth of Taliesin, is featured in Three Drops from a Cauldron” (see page 62:

A series of new artworks is emerging – watch this space! IMG_0008.jpg